Border crossing Turkey – Iraqi Kurdistan

Already on the bridge some guys stopped us, loaded with Cigarettes they asked us to take a few of them and hand them over on the other side.

Well normally I havent´t got a big problem helping someone out in this kind of situation. But in this border we refused. Everyone needs to decide for themselves in this moments, but we didn´t want to take it.

After dealing with them we arrived in a big place under a roof. A few cars were park, a lot of people, luggage on the ground and in between some guys who looked like border police.

A very busy place with no rush at all….okay now I know why this border crossing will take more time.

We waited for some time until one cop came. They were first discussing whether to let us through or just check everything.

What they didn´t know was that 50% of could understand them. That´s why Duygu asked them friendly if they are talking about us. Slightly shocked they became very friendly, asking us the normal question.

A guy came inside checking here and there, not really knowing how to search a car like this.

We waited in this place maybe one hour, every now and then one officer came checked this and that place, another one was checking our roofbox. We had to hand in a few items to the Xray machine.

The next step is the passport control. The guy in the hut looked at my passport and told us to go to the police station inside the border area.

Don´t know if it has to do with a foreign passport or not, but you just go inside the building, they take your passport and stamp it. That´s it.

When we had to show our car papers it was a little different. We were supposed to go to the Xray machine with our car.

Sounds easy…it was … and it only took 2 or so hours until they checked us.

We waited together with some trucks, buses and some cars. It was actually quiet entertaining waiting there, seeing cars arriving and seeing all the cigarettes people trying to smuggle.

We talked with the people, played some guitar and waited.

Normally you should take out all the stuff inside the car. Luckily we could convince them that this will take all day for us.

To make the ending short; after the Xray they checked some special places handing out a picture of the car and a paper, with this paper you should go to another guy, receiving a paper, with this paper you go to the place which they told you to go to the Xray. Here you will get a stamp. Without this stamp they will not let you out off the border.

After getting this stamp you will show everything on the exit check and you are done!!!

We were very happy to be in Turkey again, after 6 hours in the border.

It was time to find a place to sleep….the sun was going down.

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