Flat tyre repair set

Everyone knows about having a flat tyre! It can happen so quick and could cause a big headache. So one of the most important think in a car is having a spare tyre with you!

Last time when we were in Germany my brother in Law, Alfi gave us a self repairing set for a flat tyres. It only works if you have a nail or something like it stuck in your tyre.

A few days ago we were parking for the night at Noravank Monastery in Armenia. Once we parked the car I went outside to check around, I noticed we have a flat tyre.

“Oh shit!”, came into my mind, but then I remembered the repair set and thought it could be a good possibility to test it.

Sometimes, there has to be a solution in the middle of nowhere.

Okay, I put it a side for the night.

The next morning I took off the tyre and checked for the hole. A while ago a bought a small compressor for around 10€ in Turkey. It works with 12V, but is not very powerful. I just get 3 bar in the tyre. Not enough for our big van, but for sure enough to drive for a while until you find a service station or so.

Okay, with filling the tyre again I found a small piece of metal sticking in there. I took it out and opened the case of the repair set.

It contains some wachs, two devices which looks similar to bottle opener (we will call it “drill opener” and “opener with needle”) and the “filling material” itself.

First you should make the hole bigger with the drill opener and some wachs.

Then you will take out one strip of the filling material and push it through the needle until the middle.

I guess you know what is next: The needle inside the hole. The idea is to get the needle out without the stuff. It is a little bit difficult to explain it, but you will figure it out.

Now just cut out the part which is sticking out, fill the tyre with air and put it back. And job done!

I really like this kind of simple solutions!

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