By far the biggest country in the World! The Russian Federation

I actually didn´t know to much about Russia. Yes of course, Lenin, Stalin, Udssr, Moscow, Putin etc. this are all words which I can say something about it. But I didn´t know much about the life inside the country.

We spent April 2019 in Russia, discovering only a small part of the country.

General Information:

  • Visa: A little bit more complicated. You can get a 30 day tourist visa (more), it is also possibly to apply for Transit Visa (up to 10 days), Privat Visa (up to 90 days) and a Business Visa (up to 1 year). We applied for a Tourist Visa.
  • Currency: Russian Ruble; 72 RUB = 1€
  • Internet: MTS, 700 RUB unlimeted traffic, coverage is not available every where, but still okay
  • Car: no extra payment, German car insurance covers Russia (Green Card)
  • Euro Diesel: 40 RUB