Iraqi Kurdistan

Dohuk Dam

In the North of Iraq is the autonomous Region Kurdistan. It is an area branded with war and fightings. We spent 11 days in Kurdistan. Driving from the Turkish – Kurdistan Border to Sulaimaniyya and back.

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General Information:

  • Visa: 30 days visa free
  • Currency: Iraqi Dinar; 1340 IQD = 1,00€
  • Car: We had to pay 10 000 Dinar for entering and 10 000 Dinar again when we left the country.
  • Diesel and LPG everywhere available. Diesel: 650 Dinar ; LPG: 350 Dinar
  • Camping with the car: No problem; but you will probably getting a visit from Asayîş (the Kurdish intelligence Service), so it might be better to double check with a military checkpoint or police station

Our Stories:

Border crossing Turkey – Iraqi Kurdistan:

Growing up in the Schengen area, I remembered border crossings in Europe from my early childhood as something very easygoing and as a child actually quiet exciting. Well the more you grow up, the more you see. [read more]