Border crossing Armenia – Georgia

Because we don´t have the carnet de passage, the only way out of Armenia is going back to Georgia.

Duygu left Armenia earlier, because she had to go to Turkey for a few days. So I was alone decided I want to drive from Yerewan to Ninotsminda crossing the border in Bavra (the border crossing on the left).

It is around 170km from the capital to this border crossing going through, of course mountains!

The road leads up higher then 2000m and everything was still covered in snow with the sun shining! It couldn´t be a better Auf Wiedersehen (German way to say good bye, meaning “see you again”) from Armenia.

Arriving at the border, the Armenian border Police checked the car. Actually more carefully, then coming in to the country.

The guys at the Passport check where a bit strange, wanted the hear from me how much I love their country.

Hmm…anyway make sure you have the custom papers from you car entering Armenia. They will take it. Don´t know what they will do if you don´t have.

I was free to go. But to where?

In front of me was as big building, it looked like a huge garage but empty. On the side were some truck parked leaving a small gravel path between them and the hall.

It was the only way which was not covered in snow. So I thought okay, this should be the way. On the other side of the building I could see the Georgian side of the border.

Here, they were a bit rough. Three soldiers came inside, insisting that I would have some medicine.

Then they start to asked things about Wallace, then again Medicine, then they questioned me about my drone, then again medicine.

It was a strange moment, I hold Wallace in my hand who is terrified and three big guys with full clothes are inside. It was so full that no one could move.

What made me surprised is, I used the land borders of Georgia a few times, we got hold in by border police one time hiking to close to the Turkish border and we got stopped from the traffic police before.

Every time they were very polite and respectful. It was different here. But nothing to worry, I got worse checking then this.

After leaving this checkpoint I couldn´t believe my eyes! The road was so so so bad!

Potholes with some street in between, the potholes where filled with water so you couldn´t see how deep they are.

Some of them where 30-40cm deep, making some bubbles from the exhaust pipe.

I actually only wanted to cross the border and then park somewhere for the night, but it was impossible to leave to road. Everything was covered in white!

On the way a middle aged Lady was hitchhiking to Ninotsminda. First she was talking in Georgian, then in Russian with me.

In the car I just said, “The roads are very bad.”, and she answered in English, after telling her I am from Germany, we continued our conversation in German.

I was back in Georgia, the country where it is totally normal to speak two languages and many speak 3 or more languages.

24km to Ninotsminda took me more then 1 hour. I found a nice spot next to Khanchali Lake and turned on the heater.

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