Border crossing Turkey – Iraqi Kurdistan

The official border crossing is the Ibrahim Khalil Border Crossing, or just Habur. It is between Silopi in Turkey and Zakho in Kurdistan. I was reading about a second crossing, but could not find any information about it.

We drove from the west, passing through Nusaybin and Cizre (Turkey), an area which lived big violence in 2015. The road follows the border to Syria, in some parts the border fence is just a few meters away from the street.

We were not talking to much in this part, just wondering how live is behind this fence, stopping every 30 or so kilometre passing a police checkpoint.

It is strange area.

We arrived Silopi, all the things around us took our excitement about the crossing, but now being in Silopi we knew…in 10 km we will face what ever we need to face.

Just after the town the condition of the road is going to ‚very good‘! A big highway with 2 lines each direction. I was quiet surprised seeing this.

Around 500 m before the border this road stops in a big highway crossing, the way to the border was blocked, we followed the only possible way ending up on the door of a huge Truck parking.

People looked at us, asking what we want. I said :”Iraq??”. They showed us the way, for some reason this big highway stops there and becomes an chaotic 2 line street, with 2 empty lines on the side. No idea why.

Rolling slowly on this road we reached a small queue in front of a cabin, which turned out of being the entry of the border.

Immediately 20 Kids were around us trying to sell us something what they called, “the lista”.

The situation was little bit confusing, not really knowing what they what to sell us or if we even net this paper.

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