Driving in Georgia

Here are some interesting facts for travelling Georgia with a car:

Both, Duygu and me can stay up to 1 year without a Visa in Georgia. But be careful with your car. It is only allowed for 90 days inside. Then you would need to make a visa run with it. Going outside and returning the same day is possible. I guess there would be also a possible to go to the department of transportation. But we haven´t got any information about it.

You need an insurance! They don´t check it on the border and i thought we can maybe be without it. The police who stopped us 2 weeks later explained us we need to have one. It was 100 GEL fine (~33€). So better is to get one on
https://www.tpl.ge/ ,it is 50 GEL (~16€) for one month.

There is a lot of traffic police in Georgia and they check a lot of cars. They always make a alcohol test, in fact I guess that´s what they are up to. Different sources told me the tolerance is 0,5 permil or even 0,0! So better don´t risk it.

The traffic itself is a kind of adventures and pushing. Always expect bigger cars to cut your way or finding animals on the road. After riding a motorbike in Vietnam or Congo, driving our car in Kurdistan or Albania i can say traffic is quiet okay here.

You can find Diesel everywhere and in March 2019 it is around 2 GEL (~0,66€) per Litre. We are filling our gas bottles (for cooking, heating and fridge) from the LPG stations. You can find them regularly but not everywhere. Most of the Gas stations are using a different filling device. So make sure you are checking for LPG a little bit in advance.

Camping and Water:

It is no problem to find water in the mountains, all over the place you fill water taps next to the road. In the cities churches are a good address or security hut near parking places. They are usually happy to help you out. In terms of parking there is no real rules. If you are allowed to park, go for it. We camped in total maybe around 2 weeks next to the mother of Georgia in Tbilisi. Check our interactive map to learn more.

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